Thabyay Education Foundation

Thabyay supports individuals, communities and civil society in Myanmar/Burma through higher education and professional development. As well as running language school KKEC and an online learning programme, it provides support to Myanmar adults hoping to gain a scholarship to study abroad. It also has a curriculum department that creates and publishes textbooks for use in low resource settings.

As Myanmar opens up to the outside world, there is growing competition in the education market. Thabyay wants to stay at the top and wanted marketing materials that gave them a clear brand identity.

I started by creating graphics that fitted the colour scheme of their new website and the leaf motif from their logo, and developed this into a series of flyers, folders and posters. The brand has also expanded for the design of a range of textbooks.

I left Thabyay with a simple but flexible brand that now supports a lovely in-house graphic designer to produce a wide range of products.

  • Role Brand development, graphic design, report and textbook editing

  • For

  • Date April 2014 to March 2017

  • Type Brand refresh, design guidelines, marketing materials, website graphics

  • URL

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