Cord Myanmar

Cord is an international charity. Its office in Myanmar helps grassroots organisations to look after their staff and funds, and serve their beneficiaries better.

Despite making a vital difference, when the Cord Myanmar team tried to describe their work to donors and the UK public, they found that it sounded dull or was hard to explain. They asked me to create a booklet, posters and flyers that simply defined concepts like ‘gender mainstreaming’, ‘peace building’ and non-violent communication' and made it clear why they were just as valuable as something like a disaster appeal.

I interview a variety of people Cord Myanmar works with, providing an opportunity for them to explain in their own words how things like human resources training can help an organisation made some really exciting changes to they way they operate.

Although this was branded design, the guidelines left lots of room for creativity. I especially enjoyed making the peace doves out of the deconstructed cord logo!

  • Role Project management, branded graphic design, staff and partner interviews, writing and editing

  • For

  • Date June 2015

  • Type Booklet, posters, flyers

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